Thursday, May 21, 2009

Welcome To ClickyShop

Thank you darlings for staying interested!
because of the overwhelming responses;
both of the Clicky-Shop owners are busy to death due to
school work + work + clickyshop sprees!!
AgnesB spree #1 & #2 are a real success (:

Clicky-Shop will be closed for the time being (:

we are open for private sprees.
if you know me; talk to me in msn :P


xinying & xandy

Kindly click the titles in the following to start shopping with us :D

On-Going Spree (Pre-Orders):

AMYE Shop Tee Spree #2 {Open} until 26/June/09

On-Going Sales (Pre-Orders):
1) Agnes B Favorites {Open}
-Ag.B Series (6)
-Ag.B accessories (1)
-Ag.B bag (1)
-Ag.B card holder (1)
-Ag.B key holder (1)
-Ag.B passport (1)
-Ag.B purse (1)
-Ag.B wallet (1)

Closed & Finished Sprees:
Taiwan Spree

-Bigi Bag Spree {Closed} 32Bags

-Tee/Hoodies spree #1 {Closed} 64 Pieces

Please email us if you have desired items to purchase or ideas on what we can do on a wholesales basis or pre-order sprees. We will appreciate all comments and will long for your responses :D